Like the New Place?

Posted by Whit Barringer , Tuesday, July 20, 2010 3:38 PM

After a plea for a makeover and a wave from MundaneJane, Monda over at NoTelling took pity on me and made my blog look amazing.  I cannot thank her enough for working her magic.

I told myself that if my blog didn't look like it had been beaten with ugly sticks, stones, bricks, etc., that I would write more often.  It looks like I have no excuse now, because the blog redesign looks absolutely stunning.  

I am formally leaving VDCC as a headstone, a marker of a format that is dead but a passion that is not. Whatever cultural criticism I have, whenever I find my voice in the coil, it will go here.  I still have my Tumblr account, but its future is unknown.  I am not interesting enough to have multiple blogs and  zero redundancy, so it's back to training wheels with one blog, at least for a while.

In other words, I'm back!

2 Response to "Like the New Place?"

Amanda D Allen Says:

I love the new look!

Mundane Jane Says:

I really like it!

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