Holy Bejeebus, where have I been?

Posted by Whit Barringer , Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:46 AM

Well, I'm back. Sort of. I've thought about posting osmething on here many times, but then I get lazy and go to sleep. Or something.

Anyway, a lot has happen since last we met.  Obama became the prez, the world collapsed under the weight of its own greed, and I graduated, amongst many many other things.  Also, did you know Michael Jackson died?  Haha, just kidding.

Ahhh, graduation - one of the few things that came so close to going right.  Then again, the fact that I did graduate should be enough of a good thing to mean that it all went right, but I can't bring my critical self to get over the fact that things could have been different.  Magna cum laude is good, right? Sure. The fact that my professor lost the assignment that would have given me an A, thus summa cum laude is just tough, right? Sure. Okay. I'll get over that when I die, eventually.

It went well for everyone else, though.  After all, my physics/math major friends can no longer do simple addition.  My English major friends either read James Patterson novels or comic books, or don't read at all.  My history major friends watch the increasingly screechy oh-shit-it's-the-apocalypse-zomg History Channel, and, of course, Adult Swim, the ol' standby.  My fifth year senior friends are still in an exhausted coma after their five-year college marathon.  This is all as it should be, as this is the natural order of things after one is educated.

Oh yeah, I'm going to grad school soon.  OleMiss, ho!  I'm honestly not very excited about it now, but I am excited about the deals I'm getting on my books.  I got $170 worth of books for $56! With shipping! THIS DESERVES EXCLAMATORY PUNCTUATION.

I'm also a bit Twitter Happy (tm), and I think I'm going to revive Adamant's Fire as a way to let up on the poor servers, the Fail Whale, etc.  I'm almost positive I'm responsible for half of the times it breaks.  As of this post, I will have 3043 twitter updates.  But I also have over 200 followers!  Yay, right? Sure.

I've partially revived VDCC.net, which is now only brain dead instead of completely flatlining.  I'll have to do some more massaging (I'm waggling my eyebrows, oh yes) to get that heart pumping. Ifyaknawhatuhmean.

My post important accomplishment, above graduating, is the fact that I finished all of Beast Wars on YouTube. Man, what a great show.  I'm contemplating doing a podcast review of the entire show, but I'm not sure I'm ready to do something so hardcore. I've got Season II of Beast Machines to go, and then I've got the whole show in the bag. Woot woot!  As for the original Transformers... I can only take so much.  Fifteen minutes of that show is literally like three hours in normal time (pardon, three megacycles - everything I know about Cybertronian time I learned from Rhinox).   

Otherwise, I'm working. As always.

My question to you, friends and (Twitter) followers: anything you'd like to see on Adamant's Fire?