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This... is beyond stupid.

Red State: "Intervening in the Holocaust?!"

Barack Obama suggests we need to consider moral issues in intervening with combat forces. He mentions intervening in the Holocaust and how we should have done that.

Um Senator, we did intervene in the Holocaust. It was called World War II.
As one of the comments on the above post states, the Holocaust was not, I repeat, not the U.S. casus belli for entering the war. That was called Pearl Harbor.

Yes, you can argue the entire f*cking live long day that the U.S. could not have stopped the Holocaust if it had not entered the war, but that would assume that the U.S. was solely responsible, as well as that the U.S. had been itching to get in the war to help. In fact, it tried to remain isolationist, and only fought when provoked. By that logic, it was the Germans who wanted the U.S. to liberate the concentration camps and decided to give them a reason to get involved. It also ignores that the Holocaust was going on eight years before the U.S. even joined the war.

Were there humanitarian concerns? Of course there were, but they were most certainly a secondary objective. To claim that the U.S. interevened makes it sound as if the U.S. intervened in the nick of time, which makes the 6 million Jews and four million Gypsies, Christians, Slavs, and other ethnic and religious groups into what, exactly? Unworthy of liberation? The necessary prelude to provoke action? How ridiculous and demeaning.

To Red State and Erick Erickson: When you go out of your way to make someone you don't like look like an idiot, make sure you don't trip all over yourself.

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