In which I have an injury, or "No, I'm not dead. I just have a life sometimes."

Posted by Whit Barringer , Monday, June 30, 2008 1:56 AM

Hey everyone. Yes, I'm still sticking to my original plan. But I had some things come up this last week and weekend that prevented me from working on an assortment of things I had previously planned.

First of all, I totally didn't realize Friday had passed by until it had, and then it was a bit late for me to keep up with my promise for VDCC. But I stayed up late just so I could catch up on posting for it. I also posted a review of WALL-E. You should check it out!

As for finishing the Washington Journals, I can explain that as well. I put off finishing the last day so I could have something to do at work this last week. I was planning on setting aside a few minutes one day to finish the last post, then give myself some recoup time for the grand finale. Well, I actually had a lot to do at work this last week (who knew, honestly?), so I didn't have a spare moment to do it. When I wasn't at work, I was on the road. When I wasn't doing either of those, I was in bed. Three times this last week I went to bed before 9:00.

So I had set aside time this weekend to finish that last damnable entry when I had an accident. No, not in a car. But I took a bit of a spill in the house. I tripped over a poster tube (my foot got caught in an open end of the tube and it stood up with my foot in it), and landed knees first. My left knee hit a vent, and my right knee landed on a marble. Of course, most of my weight was on my right knee. The thing was, I was trying to find my keys so I could go meet a friend to see WALL-E, and the tickets had already been bought or I would have stayed home. My knee was three times the size it was supposed to be, and I couldn't bend it or put weight on it. That led to some interesting experiences climbing up stairs at The Rave, not to mention driving.

This morning I still couldn't put weight on it while it was bent, but now I have a full range of motion and can put weight on it to get up out of a chair and such... but it still hurts.

So, in short, those are my reasons for not posting recently, and I'm sorry for not keeping up word for word with my resolutions. However, I'm proud to report that I haven't had fast food or a coke since I made my promise to stay away from both, and I've lost over 10 pounds as a result.

But yeah... I'll get on that last entry. Promise!

P.S. I bought the case and the power supply for my new computer, for less than I was originally planning. All I need now is the motherboard and the RAM before I can start building (I'm cannibalizing my other computer to save money). I've made some changes to the last list to save a bunch of money, and I think everything will still work. It'll give me more time to upgrade the parts instead of putting everything on hold this summer just to build a computer for games. It's the smarter way, I think.

3 Response to "In which I have an injury, or "No, I'm not dead. I just have a life sometimes.""

Anonymous Says:

So, with the RAM, check out the website "" I just bought 3 gigs of RAM for 60 bucks there and it works great. 3x faster than my computer has ever been, so its pretty good


W.E.B. Adamant Says:

Thanks for the site, but are you sure that's the right address? I get a heavy duty truck site.

Jeremy Says:

Oh my goodness - you landed on a marble? That sounds awful... Try to stay off it (though I know you really can't)

Also - I can't wait to see this computer!


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