Day 20

Posted by Whit Barringer , Wednesday, June 20, 2007 8:53 AM


CT 5:57

IT 12:57

Today wasn’t actually that exciting, but I of course have to tell you about it anyway.
We had decided to meet at the school at 10:00 to go to the Bargello, a museum exclusive to sculpture and little else. When we all got to the school, we headed toward the museum, trying to figure out what time we should meet for class in the afternoon (usually the decision is between 2-4 and 4-6). In Florence there are always cars trying to go through crowds of people in the streets. Well, most of us were on the sidewalk, but it was a really tight squeeze. A taxi was coming through the street and honked its horn for us to move out of the road. The next thing I heard was the smack of the taxi hitting something behind me and a blood-curdling scream. Turns out, it was my roommate.

I know what you’re thinking: Oh my God, is she okay? Of course she’s okay. The silly goose got hit wit the rear-view mirror and it folded against the car. It mostly hit her backpack (later on I heard “Oh man, my pastries!” – referring to our stop at the 99 cent store on the way to school that morning. Don’t worry. They were okay.), but it just really surprised her. We all laughed and giggled nervously, wonder what could have happened if she had really been in the street. Not surprisingly to us, the taxi never stopped.

Anyway, the rest of our short trip to the Bargello turned out to be uneventful, and we got into the museum with no problems (besides having to check our backpacks). The museum holds a lot of examples of Donatello’s work, so it was really interesting to see one of the Ninja Turtles body of work. There were lots of very different things there too, like a lot of booty from the Crusades and metal work from nations across Europe. There was even a medieval suit of armor, but we saw it through a window and couldn’t actually get to it because that wing of the Bargello (once a medieval prison) was closed. Paulette even asked for me.

After the Bargello Halley, Rachel, and I decided that we needed to catch up on reading. We went to the break room of Kent State, ate candy bars and pastries (unsmooshed), and drank coke and water while we read. I couldn’t read that long (I’m not really sure why – I think I was just bored with the whole prospect), so I drew on my hand this elaborate picture of God knows what. It started as a watch drawn on my tan line, but it ended up having a guy eating my watch while poking it with a pitchfork (which gushes dye on to this Frenchman’s cap and neck tie), while bees come out of his hair and swarm around a hunny pot, which drips yellow droplets onto an umbrella – all while a huge smiling sun hides behind two thunder clouds that are throwing lightning bolts that are electrocuting at least one bee. It was an odd picture, and I certainly didn’t mean for it to be a work of art, but it looked pretty interesting traveling up my arm. I even colored in the backs of my fingers with check marks. Anyway, the other two never even noticed until just before class time two hours later. They were engrossed and I was not. What can I say.

Class was the most interesting we’ve had. We talked very little about the Decameron (which has some great stories), but about religion and sex in American – two of the best topics ever. It was more about money, wealth, and poverty than the other two, but religion got in there because of biblical ideas on money. It was an extremely useful conversation, I think. Caitlin and I continued the conversation afterward on certain highlights, which is even more fun.

I had to go to the grocery store after class because I had promised to make pasta for five or six (the across-the-Arno apartment, Rachel, and me). I got pasta, sauce, spices, and cheese for 13 Euro and had enough to feed us all, or so I thought. When we went back to the apartment and I actually started cooking, it ended up being enough to feed all of us plus four or five more. It was pretty insane, but nobody went hungry and everyone liked it.

After dinner, we all laid around like we were wounded. None of us could move, and there was still desert. After we managed to cram some of that down, we decided to formulate a plan for the night. Some of the guys (three of the five that were still on the trip) wanted to go out to the pub. The girls wanted to meet them, but I needed to get online. Since they were going to a place by my apartment, they would just call me when they got there.

I got online, posted journals, and waited. I didn’t hear anything from anybody. Turns out, they had forgotten to call me, saying that I was supposed to call them. So I went anyway. I had one beer because I didn’t want to sit there for an hour with nothing in hand. We did get Dr. Bane and Paulette to come out for about an hour, which was that much more fun. Rachel and I decided to walk Megan home around twelve and we got home around 12:20. I decided to call my mom and grandmother because I hadn’t done it this weekend like I had promised (Rome was an extremely busy weekend). We all talked and got to hear each other’s voices. I packed and then went to bed

And that was my day, the highlight being my roommate being hit by a car.

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